Author: Peter


So long, and thanks for all the the Fish

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise as you maybe have seen that I didn’t update the Card Catalog on the Archive for quiet some time now. Initially I wanted to introduce a few updates to the engine last November (after I’ve got my new machine) as well as the new mobile views. Those plans have been cancelled by FFG’s decision to stop producing destiny.


Spark of Hope content update

Hi all, the “Spark of Hope” content update has been uploaded into the Archive. I am sure there are still heaps of mistakes in there, please let me know and I will fix them. Still waiting on my new PC, but it’s close 😀 Make sure that you give feedback!


Convergence online

Hi all, the Convergence Content update is now online. The Card images will be uploaded over the next few weeks. On a different note, the first mobile views are now live for everyone. As per usual please log all issues in the forum. You might have noticed that updates to the archive have been...


Mobile update – Testers needed!

G’day & Happy new year! After the last update I have started to investigate how people are using the Archive. I’ve put some effort into understanding the pain points for some of the pain points that have been raised to me over the period of the last few month. After looking at some...


August Update

This is one is a “behind the scenes” update. I have introduced a backend function that will enable the archive to update collections on a more frequent (less painful) way. This mean that we will be able to have those Spoilers recorded and uploaded (probably once a  month). The content update will only...