Mobile update – Testers needed!

G’day & Happy new year!

After the last update I have started to investigate how people are using the Archive. I’ve put some effort into understanding the pain points for some of the pain points that have been raised to me over the period of the last few month. After looking at some data and talking to people, I have come to the conclusion that before any new features are introduced, proper mobile views are needed.

Knowing that I’ve started hunting for good frameworks that would work for both major platforms. After trying a couple, I’ve landed on OnsenUI , which enabled me to start transforming the “Desktop” pages to proper mobile pages. Being a one man band (and don’t get me wrong- I like it this way 😀 ), I was only able to update a subset of all the pages (views) to mobile. Having a only a small subset isn’t the worst thing, as it makes the potential fixes a bit more manageable.


While the navigation has changed a bit it is still at the same position it was before. The changes become more obvious if we take a quick look at the dashboard area:


The new view (right) shows how much the dashboard has been simplified to make sure that the page is more usable on a mobile phone. Further to the clean up of “the collection list”, I’ve moved the other content into tabs (Spares, Wants and Trades).

At this stage, I haven’t implemented the “create new Set” function yet, as I am thinking about changing the process around creating a new set. So for now you have to create a new set via the desktop Site. The same goes for the “Spares” and “Trades”, those views are next on my list to implement. Needless to say that the Trading function needs a complete overhaul as well.


After tapping the “Update” field on the collection, you can start using the Collection manager (shown below):

I have changed the new layout in the way so that Legendary (LEG), Rare (RAR), Uncommon (UNC), Common (COM) and Starter (STA) cards are in separate tabs. That should make it easier to sort the cards when you start updating your collection. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button on the bottom right corner if you have edited your collection!

Last but not least I have translated the Card Database to a mobile form. This should be pretty much self explanatory.

I will roll out more mobile pages over the coming weeks. The plan is to have a release every two weeks (if my work or life plays along).  At the moment, I consider those pages an ‘Alpha Feature’ and I will only unlock them once they are properly tested and we have the same functionality as the desktop page.

To enable the mobile pages, login to the application and select the “Yes” in the “Alpha Features?” section.

You can also opt out of the mobile updates from now on by de-selecting the App Updates / Newsletter option.

Last but not least: I need testers! Please let me know what you think, and where you are running into issues!

That’s it for now! May the dice be with you!


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