Convergence online

Hi all,

the Convergence Content update is now online. The Card images will be uploaded over the next few weeks. On a different note, the first mobile views are now live for everyone. As per usual please log all issues in the forum.

You might have noticed that updates to the archive have been less frequently. This is due to some issues I have with my main coding machine. I hope to get a new PC in the next few month which will mean that I can continue to bring the archive to mobile and getting everything in line for an ssl certificate (https).  Fingers crossed that this happens before June.

I have also mentioned that I am looking for support for the server/domain costs. While they are not huge, all together it’s a full box of destiny per year. At first I was thinking of creating a Patreon account, but I feel this is more for content providers. So I am currently looking into different ways how user can help out, and what I can give in return.  Stay tuned!

May the dice be with you,



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